Frequently Asked Questions

What does ASDF stand for?

That’s part of the puzzle.  Some people say it stands for “A Super Difficult Fun...Escape”, while others say “Aggravating Spectacular Dramatic Fantastic...Escape”.  Try to figure out what it means to you.

What is an escape room, anyway?

You will be locked in a room with people that you may or may not know and will need to work together to solve puzzles and get clues to get the key to escape.  Some items may be hidden or locked up, and require teamwork to get to.  This concept is modeled after the original video games where the user had to figure out how to escape from a locked area using items found in the room.

Are we really locked in a room?


No, seriously, are we really locked in a room?

Yes, but in case of an emergency, or a severe panic attack, there is an emergency key right next to the door.  However, if this red escape key is used, the clock will stop, and your group will not be able to restart the clock.  No refunds will be given, but in the case of a real emergency, you will be given the ability to reschedule.

Is there parking nearby?

Yes, we have a small lot behind our facility.  We are also located around the corner from the New Street Deck located at 134 New Street, across the street from the Civic Square Deck located at 3 Kirkpatrick Street, and approximately one and a half blocks from the Wellness Deck located at 95 Paterson Street.

How Long Will This Take?

You will be locked in the room with 1 hour to get out, but should arrive about 15 minutes early to check in, sign the waiver, and use the restroom (if necessary, there are no restrooms in the escape rooms).  You will also have the opportunity to take a picture when you get out showing your results.  In total, you should expect to be at our facility for about 90 minutes.


Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time of your room. If there are multiple groups in the same room, we can only delay the start by 10 minutes and y0u will not be able to join the room once it starts.

Still have questions?

Send us an email: or call: (848) 202-1199