"Bank Heist"

With the help of an insider at the bank, you have to follow the clues he left in order to break into the vault and steal the important valuables. Make sure not to trip the silent alarm, and if you do, make sure you get out of there quickly!

Bank Heist.jpg

"Rescue Pikachu"

Pikachu has been kidnapped!  It is up to you to rescue him before it's too late.  You must work quickly to determine his whereabouts and free him from his captors.

This is a brand new room with all new puzzles

"Jail Bird"

You and your friends were handcuffed during a riot on Guilden Street and thrown into this holding cell. You have one hour to hatch your escape plan or you'll all get a life sentence to solitary confinement. Participants will be physically handcuffed in this room.

Difficulty Level:


"The Bomb Squad"

As a member of the New Brunswick Police Department’s Bomb Squad, you are responding to a call about a bomb threat in this office building. You enter the office where you think the bomb is located and set off a booby trap locking the door behind you. You have one hour to disarm the bomb before it explodes!

Difficulty Level:This is our hardest room!